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10 February 2011 @ 06:07 am
Emmy Pre-Pre-Nomination  

The official pre-nominations are not out yet, but Nelson Branco revealed the first bit, which according to Tom Casiello is the list of those who submitted themselves. And Eric's on there! Look out for official nominations on the 25th.

Sources and details and all that fun stuff behind the cut.

Pre-Nominations List

As the World Turns

Lead Actress in a Drama Series
• Maura West • Colleen Zenk

Lead Actor in a Drama Series
• Jon Lindstrom • Michael Park

Supporting Actress in a Drama Series
• Terri Conn (Colombino) • Lesli Kay • Julie Pinson

Supporting Actor in a Drama Series
• Trent Dawson • Eric Sheffer Stevens

Younger Actor in a Drama Series
• Mick Hazen

Tom Casiello:

A little bit on the voting process.

Basically, what can we take away from this?

1. It's not the official nominees. It's not even the official PRE-noms.
2. But it DOES mean Eric is a step closer, which, YAY!!!!
2. I still object over Van not being there, even if he chose himself not to submit.
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