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10 March 2011 @ 09:10 pm
TV Guide Canada Soap Spirits Awards: Eric Interview  
Congratulations to Eric who won TV Canada's Soap Opera Spirit Award's Outstanding Male in a Recurring Role or Guest. His interview begins around the 46 minute mark here: Follow here!

I have done a quick transcript for those of you who don't feel like listening. (which, um, you should.)

(I can't really tell whose voice is whose with the ladies, so I just listed them as I thought.)

Branco: ...the winner is, Eric Sheffer Stevens.
Hennesy: Oh, yay!
Fairman: And mighty good choice, may I say.
Bjorlin: Nicely done.
Fairman: Very happy about that, and the fans and On-Air on soaps will go crazy.
Branco: Well he deserved it. You know, he was, sometimes, you know, an actor comes along once in a while and, and sort of captures your imagination and Sheffer-Stevens did that. And uh, he brought a little bit of Hugh Laurie, um, a gay Hugh Laurie- I don't know if that's redundant. But a gay Hugh Laurie to daytime.
Hennesy: Well, Nelson, as a matter of fact, we have discussed that he, uh, Eric Sheffer-Stevens was a truly one of a kind original whose on-screen life as Dr. Reid Oliver got derailed by an oncoming train and the cancellation of the beloved As the World Turns.
Fairman: It was derailed.
Hennesy: But he is with us today.
Branco: No!
Hennesy: Yes, he is. The very talented Eric Sheffer-Stevens. Congratulations my dear on your SOS award.
Sheffer-Stevens: Thank you, I'm thrilled. This is very kind and uh, generous and wonderful. Thank you everybody.
Fairman: I mean, you came on and nobody's forgotten this role. You know what I'm saying, even though the show's been cancelled you came out with such gangbusters, you made such a mark. I think Nelson and I would agree it was such a standout remarkable performance.
Sheffer-Stevens: That's very nice, thank you so much. Seriously, I'm really honored by this. This is, uh, very surprising and incredibly nice.
Fairman: Are you still hearing a lot from the fans like 'where are you, we want you somewhere on daytime.'
Sheffer-Stevens: *laughs* Um, I mean, I hear that from time to time. Yeah.
Fairman: So are you getting ready to kinda decide what reel you want to submit to the Emmys?
Eric: Um. *laughs* That's- that's a different question. I don't know. Yeah, I guess.
Hennesy: Well, good for you!
Branco: Yeah, you do have a lot of material to choose from. You could go either way, the death scenes, the subtle stuff, the snarky stuff. So, you know, I don't envy you. You have a lot of stuff to choose from.
Sheffer-Stevens: What would you- do you have any suggestions? That would be nice.
Branco: I definitely would not- I don't know if I'd go with the death stuff, but I'd definitely do some of the falling in love with Luke, and the sort of fighting and resisting that, there's so many layers there and you played it brilliantly. I don't know, I'd have to watch all of the reels again but go with your gut, that's what I would say.
Hennesy: Nelson is-
Sheffer-Stevens: I think I'm going with, actually, the elevator episode.
Hennesy: Nelson-
Fairman: Yeah, I love elevator, I was going to say the elevator episode. Because when you and I talked about that...
Sheffer-Stevens: Only because it has a bunch of different sort of um, personalities all in one episode instead of just like, playing one thing throughout. There was a chance in that one to do a lot of different stuff, some funny stuff, some, and some serious stuff and some sexual tension with Luke and, so that's why I think I'm submitting. (Not sure on that last word.)
Fairman: Have you talked to Van Hansis at all?
Sheffer-Stevens: I haven't, no. We talked a little bit um, before I was coming out to LA, just you know, just touching base a little bit. But we haven't talked in a little bit.
Fairman: So is Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty coming out? Or...
Sheffer-Stevens: You know, I don't know what's going on with that. It doesn't have a distributor, they're still editing. And uh, I think last I heard, which was just two weeks ago, they were really pushing for the deadline of the LA Film Festival. And um, I haven't checked in to see if they made it or not. But the uh, the horror film Silent House that I did with Lizzie Olsen and Adam Trese, that got picked up by I think Lionsgate and I think we'll be out in the summer.
Bjorlin: Fantastic. Well, Eric, congratulations, many many kudos to you and-
Fairman: We miss you, we miss you.
Bjorlin: And good luck with the-
Fairman: We miss you.
Bjorlin: Good luck picking- picking a reel.
Sheffer-Stevens: It was so nice talking with you guys again.
Fairman: We miss you, we'll talk to you soon, good luck and hopefully we'll see you at the Emmys with your SOS award.
Sheffer-Stevens: Yes. Thanks guys, once again, really, I honestly mean it, I'm very appreciative. Thank you very much
Fairman: Have a great day, thanks Eric.
Sheffer-Stevens: Take care guys, bye.
Fairman: Yes, I was just going to say Nelson, what I was trying to get to you when you said the oncoming train thing, you know, he was smashed by an oncoming train, and then the show got cancelled. And he still won an award, god damn it!

(they continue, with Branco complimenting his non-traditional route, but not much and I was too lazy to do the rest. But it's like twenty seconds, so.)
Please let me know of any mistakes and have a beautiful day!
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